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What Is Permanent Jewelry

Our Permanent Jewelry in Charlotte NC is a delicate gold chain that is tailored to fit your size and fused together by our skilled jewelers using a welding stylus. As the bracelet is fused shut, there is no need for a clasp, resulting in a flawless and everlasting bracelet!


"Karen was the best! She was so informative and made me and my friends feel super comfortable. She had a wide selection of chains and they were all beautiful! Totally recommend!" ~ Chelsea H.

Picture this: you and your bestie exchange these dainty solid gold chains as friendship bracelets. These little treasures are not only symbols of your unbreakable bond but also fashion statements that will continue to shine on your wrists for years to come. They won't easily tarnish or lose their luster because they're made with durable materials like 14k gold filled chains.

If you ever need to remove the chain, just use a pair of nail-clippers on the jump ring. Be sure to save your chain and we'll re-weld it for free!


Perfect for Couples and Friends


Stylish and Elegant Jewelry

Create a Permanent Memory

When it comes to permanent jewelry in Charlotte NC, you're in for a treat because it lasts for an extraordinarily long time. We're talking about a jewelry piece that will stay with you through countless fashion trends and seasons, becoming an enduring part of your style.

Timeless Treasures permanent jewelry in Charlotte is crafted with exceptional quality and precision. Skilled jewelers custom-fit and weld the pieces closed, creating a seamless and sturdy design that stands the test of time. Unlike traditional bracelets with clasps that can break or become loose over time, these permanent beauties are built to last.

Perfect for creating permanent friendship bracelets, strengthening the bond between mother and daughter, celebrating bachelorette parties, or simply indulging in the most effortless and elegant accessory you'll ever possess. We provide a variety of 14k gold filled chains and charms to select from in Charlotte NC.

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